SEO & Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata

Digital promoting could be a reasonably interesting technical affair that depends on digital channels to push its product or services. SEO is one in all the foremost fashionable technique of promotion by driving traffic from search engines. According to Market Share the world promoting share, in terms of the utilization of Search Engines heavily favored Google throughout 2017 - averaging an internet share of seventy four.54%. This clearly indicates that Google is the world market leader, however other search engines like yahoo, bing, and baidu hold a considerable amount of outsized audience and that their role in traffic generation cannot be ruled out. They average between 5-10% market share. SEO is a process that uses the search traffic flow to its advantage by optimizing a web page. Not solely SEO there are other alternative platforms and campaigns for digital promoting like ppc, google AdWords, Facebook, twitter, linked in, Instagram and alternative social media sites. one in all the foremost necessary reason why SEO or digital promoting is an absolute necessity is that the huge quantity of organic net traffic that is enough to rank a web site on search engines for an extended amount of your time. solely with the assistance of SEO and digital promoting one will generate a natural flow of traffic to their individual websites that ultimately plays a significant role in generating real business leads. Shivamsys is a top E-commerce solutions company in Behala, Kolkata. Our in-house web designers, developers, digital marketing and SEO experts are always ready to look after all your website needs and its promotion as well with Search engine optimization and Digital marketing in Behala, Kolkata.